Amberwing is a 2D pixel art metroidvania, focused on playing as a magical girl. you play as either Arisa or Emily, two ordinary girls who become more and more magically adept as the storyline progresses. Play either solo or in co-op over LAN/splitscreen, and make tactical choices which upgrades to choose as you become stronger.

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  • Happy go lucky: The game is bright, cheerful and filled with colours.
  • Magical girl: The main characters in this game can transform into a more powerful version of herself, obtaining access to magical powers.
  • Pixel art style: The entire game is displayed in a lower resolution but crispy sharp pixel art style.
  • Themes: Each level has a different theme (jungle, beach, volcano, etc) and each theme is filled with a colourful style.
  • Music: The background music of the main menu, end credits and most of the levels is also aimed to be happy and cheerful in general (aside of some exceptions).
  • Metroidvania: This is a 2D platformer, wherein you start weak, but become gradually more powerful as you find powerups all over the world.
  • Adventurous: The player can discover lots of different worlds and items.
  • Power-ups: The player can find various power-ups throughout each level, giving temporary (or in some cases even permanent) bonuses.

Target audience

Amberwing is targeted to casual gamers and hardcore gamers alike, who enjoy light-hearted but deep storylines and platforming challenges. Think of games like Mario or Sonic, but with more focus on the story.

The difficulty curve begins easy as the game introduces its mechanics, and slowly ramps up as you progress through the story. As soon as the main storyline is finished, showing the credits roll, there will be a much more challenging post-game, aimed at hardcore gamers.


The game is primarily designed for PC using Steam, but I am also thinking of releasing it on consoles (Switch, etc).


English is the main language of the game. Whether the game will become available in other languages is not yet decided, as I am currently unfamiliar with how much time it costs.

Release date

Currently, it's far too early to estimate a release date. The majority of work still has to be done. That being said, I'm working on it every single day to make sure you can play it when it is released!

Let me hear your voice!

Do you have an awesome idea that makes this game more fun? Do you want the game to have a certain feature? Or do you have any tips or tricks in general which would be beneficial to the game? Please don't hesitate to fill in the contact form!

I am very receptive to good and fun ideas, and if anything falls within my scope and fits the game, I will seriously consider implementing it!

Thank you so much for reading!
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